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Hospital Introduction

Since its opening in 2005, View Plastic Surgery has continued to achieve even development and growth in all fields, including breast surgery, facial contouring, double jaw surgery, eye surgery, rhinoplasty, and anti-aging plastic surgery, and has established itself as a general plastic surgery hospital. We will continue to do our best to provide high-quality service and safe and satisfactory results with sincerity to each and every patient, with a safety-oriented smart building equipped with cutting-edge systems and university hospital-level safety equipment and facilities, and with the heart to treat families. - A university hospital-level operating room equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment such as a HEPA filter system - Establishment of a safety system in preparation for emergency situations - VIP room for local and overseas patients requiring long-term hospitalization - Establishment of International Medical Support Division - Conduct regular training for medical staff and executives View Plastic Surgery will continue to take responsibility for safe plastic surgery by sticking to the basic principle of [Safety First].

Specialized Services

    Other Services

    Other Services

    ○ Brunch Service (1st Floor) , Halal Food, Korean Food.
    ○ Medical records service including videos & documents
    ○ VIP Room-Assistance by nurse and translator on site and other services that are provided at hotels will make the patients feel at home during recovery.
    ○ Pick Up Service-We provide a safe and convenient pick-up service from the airport to hospital with a dedicated limousine.



    • 2021 Received the title of Minister of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Korea
    • 2020 Certificate of Medical Tourism Excellent Entertainment Hospital 


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