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Introduction CHA Fertility Center, a global leader in fertility treatment. About 20,000 infertile couples have successfully conceived with assistance from CHA Fertility Center to date. 50 years of experience has been gained through the operations in IVF clinics in Korea and Los Angeles. CHA Fertility Center emanates an elegant yet inviting atmosphere with an interior design that is reminiscent of feminine curves. The consultation rooms are situated deep inside the center in a cozy atmosphere, and the waiting room is isolated from the external environment to ensure privacy. Patients rest in individual recovery rooms after the embryo transfer procedure. We provide tailored services in the VIP room exclusively for foreign patients. Global coordinators are residing in the clinic at all times to provide one-on-one concierge services in various languages. Specialty ■ Specialized medical care for foreign patients ○ IVF and other related procedures ○ Fertility Check-up ○ Social bio bank

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