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Hospital Introduction

Introduction Mizmedi Women’s Hospital is a world-class private medical institution aimed to treat women or couple’s common medical problems. The center is JCI-accredited and is famous for the successful percentage on IVF (infertility treatments) cases. The iDream Clinic for assisted reproduction and comprehensive care offers treatment for female and male infertility, reproductive surgery and fertility preservation. MizMedi strives for the everlasting principles and core essence. The essence of a good hospital lies in the quality medical service and techniques. MizMedi’s past efforts for innovation now continue for a new history and future. Leaping ahead to become a truly world-class women’s hospital in the fields of research and medical services through continued efforts for new techniques and knowledge. Specialty ■ Specialized medical care for foreign patients ○ Insemination, IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), artificial insemination ○ Laparoscopic and uterine cervical surgery ○ Urinary incontinence surgery

Specialized Services

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    Other Services

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    Full Option One-room accommodation (KRW 45,000 / night)
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