Hospital Introduction

Introduction Seoul 365MC Hospital, which has specialized only on obesity, is the first hospital that established as general hospitallevel of medical institution in Korea to specialize in liposuction surgery filed. A totla of 15stories of bilidings are designed to optimize the flow equipment and processes of systematical on each stage before and after surgery. The established liposuction specialized hospital carries out more than 2,000 liposuction operations per month and more than 10,000 liposuction per year. The 365MC hospilta in Seoul, which has a system that can achieve the best result of liposuction worldwide, has highly skilled and experienced team. It performs a leading role in obesity treatment. Specialty ■ Specialized medical care for foreign patients ○ liposuction

Specialized Services

    Other Services

    Other Services

    ■ Other
    ○ Provides precise diagnosis through a three-dimensional (3D) ultrasonic system
    ○ Provide an easy to use take-home dietary recommendation chart
    ○ Operate a nutrition consultation center for patients
    ○ Provide customized post-surgery care programs
    ○ Provide operating surgeons & anesthesiologists information to patients for quality and safety assurance 


    • Medical institution certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (2nd June 2018~ 2nd June 2022 )


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